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Domacija CEBRON
CEBRON Dean s.p.
Preserje 61a, 5295 BRANIK
EU - Slovenia

Phone: ++ 386 5 305 70 80
Fax: ++ 386 5 99 75 346
Email: dean.sp@siol.net


GPS coordinates
N  45 52.321
E 013 47.107





Our home is surrounded by five acres of beautiful vineyards. The grapes give us about 20.000 liters of wine each year. We bottle dry white whines – Chardonnay and Sauvignon and red Cabernet sauvignon and Rose made out of Merlot. We also produce two varieties of wines which aren’t bottled. We call them Rahela (white variety: Welschriesling, Rebula, Malvasia and Pinela) and Robert (red variety: Cabernet and Merlot).

Special occasions and desserts call for our semisweet Yellow Muscat. In the future we plan to add homemade cognac to our wine card but currently it is still maturing in our cellar.


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